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AnglerSteamboat Inn is located in the middle of 31 miles of "fly-fishing only" water on the North Umpqua River. The river is famous as the home of some of the most challenging steelhead fishing in the world. The river bottom is extremely slippery, the current strong and the fish most particular! The average North Umpqua steelhead weighs eight pounds, with an occasional fifteen pounder.

You can fish the North Umpqua the year around for steelhead. Steelhead begin to arrive in the fly water in June; by July the fishing begins in earnest and continues through Thanksgiving. Winter steelheading is much more weather dependent; fishing can be good from late January through mid April. The regulations call for barbless hook, artificial fly only and catch & release of all wild fish in the fly water. The Umpqua River basin is closed to trout fishing below Soda Springs Dam.

The North Umpqua RiverTo most fly fishermen, the ultimate challenge is the steelhead, the wary and tenacious sea-going trout. Ernie Schwiebert called it "the unmistakable royalty of the Pacific Coast." Jack Hemingway called the water just upstream from Steamboat Inn "the greatest stretch of summer steelhead water in the United States." To Zane Grey, the swift water of the North Umpqua and the incredible fish it holds were a fable come to life and a cause for celebration. Guests at Steamboat Inn walk the same banks, fish the same waters and engage for a time in the same celebration.

The Inn features a well stocked fly shop specializing in the type of fly fishing equipment needed for the North Umpqua. From waders to flies, we can supply your every need for fishing the North Umpqua. (Oregon has no sales tax.)

Suggested Equipment

Sinking lines are now legal all year-round; however weighted flies are banned. Also, Steamboat Inn only sells one day fishing licenses. Longer term licenses can be purchased at several other locations on the river.

North Umpqua Guide information.

The North Umpqua River is a national treasure. For information on how you can help protect it, go to The North Umpqua Foundation web site.

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